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Overnight Soaked Oats | An All-Time Favorite!

Cold soaked overnight oats to meet your protein, fat, fiber, and post workout needs! Softly sweet and satisfying without any added sugars or prepackaged preservatives! Turn your oats into foods that have the ability to heal the body from the inside out!

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Oil-free Garlic Dill Hummus!

Another new condiment to add to the list! I didn't expect this whole eating oil free lifestyle to create a love for condiments... I used to enjoy hummus somewhat periodically back in college. I never ate it on a regular basis, but definitely enjoyed it from time to time...For most, it seems to be a… Continue reading Oil-free Garlic Dill Hummus!

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Granola, Rawnola, gRAWnola!

Love having oats back in my diet! Had to get this childhood favorite back into my life! Prep Time: 10 Minutes Soaking Time: 1h – 12hrs Dehydrating time: 8-12 hours  Ingredients  2 Cups organic whole oats 1 Cup favorite dried fruit ½- 1 Tsp air dried sea salt 1- 1 ½ Tsp Vietnamese cinnamon 1-2… Continue reading Granola, Rawnola, gRAWnola!


Good Ol’ Home Cookin! How Is Cooked Food Affecting You?

We all LOVE eating hot steamy meals that have been prepared with love! We use food to fuel our bodies, but also use it as a way to connect with friends, family, or whoever! Food is simply a part of our social culture, no matter where we are in the world. Food has had its… Continue reading Good Ol’ Home Cookin! How Is Cooked Food Affecting You?