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BBQ’d Veggie Bowl | Carcinogen Free Indulgence!

Enjoy that smokey BBQ flavor you LOVE without the carcinogenic factors! Indulge in the love of BBQ while still supporting the health of your body, keeping it out of a state of carcinogenic stress!

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Carried Away By Caraway | Sauerkraut

A delicious kraut that does more than just support digestion and the microbiome! Get ready to be carried away with caraway kraut!

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Fermented Foods You Don’t Have To Make | What To Buy & Why

New to fermented foods, but don't know where to start? Making fermented foods on your own can be a bit intimidating. Here's some of my favorite ferments that are available in the grocery store!

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Foods Of The Cosmos | Cosmic Crisps

An incredibly light snack that's fully loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats, protein, and enough fuel to push you through your second wind of activity for the day! Or if your simply craving something sweet 🙂

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Kraut de Purpz | Fermented Cabbage!

Happy fermentation Friday! So, I've spent all this time talking about fermented foods, and posting fermented photos on my Instgram. The entire time of taking pictures and talking about these fabulous healing foods, a few subscribers have helped me realize that I don't even have a basic step by step process for you to actually… Continue reading Kraut de Purpz | Fermented Cabbage!


Rev Up Your Immune System & Kill Dem Buggas, Naturally!

I've been experimenting a lot over the past 2 years with eating raw, fermenting & dehydrating my foods. Many of my "experiments have turned out fantastic with my two lovely taste testers (my boyfriend and awesome girlfriend) by my side, my co-workers, and even along with my awesome clients at work! I have been so… Continue reading Rev Up Your Immune System & Kill Dem Buggas, Naturally!