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Kraut de Purpz | Fermented Cabbage!

Happy fermentation Friday!

So, I’ve spent all this time talking about fermented foods, and posting fermented photos on my Instgram. The entire time of taking pictures and talking about these fabulous healing foods, a few subscribers have helped me realize that I don’t even have a basic step by step process for you to actually make your own batch! I love this method of fermentation because it literally requires such a small list of required fermenting ingredients 🙂

An easy vegetable to begin fermenting with is red cabbage. Its full of flavor, an erupting color explosion to any plate, and supports digestion. What more would you ask for?  Continue reading “Kraut de Purpz | Fermented Cabbage!”

Fermented Foods, Recipes

Living Ketchup! How & Why You Should Make and Eat Your Own Fermented Ketchup


I love ketchup.

I used to eat not so great food back in the day like french fries, hot dogs, tater tots, & fish sticks

The unfortunate fact about these foods is that they offer no nutritional value.  I’m not here to preach to you about fish sticks and tater tots, though.

However, I am here to talk ketchup!

Unfortunate fact about ketchup? Most often, ketchup is made with rotten tomatoes, using preservatives to coverup any rotten flavor. Yes.

The food industry actually uses food colorings and preservatives to cover up the fact that the minimal amount of real tomato they’re using are rotten. Continue reading “Living Ketchup! How & Why You Should Make and Eat Your Own Fermented Ketchup”


Good Ol’ Home Cookin! How Is Cooked Food Affecting You?

We all LOVE eating hot steamy meals that have been prepared with love!

We use food to fuel our bodies, but also use it as a way to connect with friends, family, or whoever! Food is simply a part of our social culture, no matter where we are in the world.

Food has had its own evolutionary process throughout our lifetime as humans on this planet. We’ve fueled our bodies by eating food in its most pure state directly from nature, to cooking food over fire, and adulterating it with chemicals for preservation, which is where we currently stand today!

We already know that consuming foods that are saturated with preservatives disrupt the body’s communication process, creating a toxic body. Have you ever wondered how eating cooked foods effects your body? With so much information advocating eating raw, WHY?

As much as we love deliciously hot food, there’s a huge downfall to eating these warm comfort foods!

Continue reading “Good Ol’ Home Cookin! How Is Cooked Food Affecting You?”