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The Wholey Gramz Crackers

So these little grahams (Gramz) came along totally unintended. But I'm so grateful they decided to debut themselves! You see, I was actually making a batch of Wholey Cheezitz, but I had extra seeds and buckwheat on the side because my food processor was already packed. I didn't really feel like soaking more herbs (Not… Continue reading The Wholey Gramz Crackers

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How To Make An Apple Pie The Healthy Way

A favorite snack on the go, or as a part of your daily routine. This breakfast apple pie delight is perfect for any where and any time!

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Overnight Soaked Oats | An All-Time Favorite!

Cold soaked overnight oats to meet your protein, fat, fiber, and post workout needs! Softly sweet and satisfying without any added sugars or prepackaged preservatives! Turn your oats into foods that have the ability to heal the body from the inside out!

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Why You Should Be Salivating Over Seeds

Looking for a fulfilling snack to power you through your highly active day? Looking to indulge in a savory snack while deflating your body and supporting your heart and circulation? Then these are the snack for you!