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The Wholey Gramz Crackers

So these little grahams (Gramz) came along totally unintended. But I'm so grateful they decided to debut themselves! You see, I was actually making a batch of Wholey Cheezitz, but I had extra seeds and buckwheat on the side because my food processor was already packed. I didn't really feel like soaking more herbs (Not… Continue reading The Wholey Gramz Crackers

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6 Reasons To Go Oil Free | The Program That Upgrades Your Health

If you're looking for a simple switch up upgrade your health, and install a new body program to a healthier body and quality of life, these key reasons to go oil free should definitely put some pep in yo step!

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Super Seed Pudding

It took me years to really dive into the whole chia seed trend due to conflicting research I continued to come across regarding the fun gel coat that makes chia seeds so delicious! This fun superfood can be eaten in various recipes, completely raw, or soaked, providing the body with loads of nutritional energy! So… Continue reading Super Seed Pudding

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High Fat To No Fat…

These past few weeks have been so completely mind boggling, that I've had no idea where to continue my writing. Only weeks ago, I was consuming loads of raw fat & protein with little to no carbohydrates for almost 2 years. Now, I'm consuming high amounts of protein with no fat, and HIGH carbs &… Continue reading High Fat To No Fat…

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Granola, Rawnola, gRAWnola!

Love having oats back in my diet! Had to get this childhood favorite back into my life! Prep Time: 10 Minutes Soaking Time: 1h – 12hrs Dehydrating time: 8-12 hours  Ingredients  2 Cups organic whole oats 1 Cup favorite dried fruit ½- 1 Tsp air dried sea salt 1- 1 ½ Tsp Vietnamese cinnamon 1-2… Continue reading Granola, Rawnola, gRAWnola!

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Kickin’ It Keto!

With the various diets I have attempted throughout my life (unfortunately, I started dieting at a young age), I was never able to find a single diet that provided me with lifelong skills needed to properly fuel my body while meeting weight-loss & high energy functioning goals. In today's world, there's always different styles of… Continue reading Kickin’ It Keto!

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Mycotoxins! Moldy Nuts? No pun intended.

As I have become more aware of the foods I eat, and the preparation involved to eat & live well, I cringe at the thought of what I used to consider food! I am thankful that I was privileged enough to live with a roof over my head, a fab mamma to take care of… Continue reading Mycotoxins! Moldy Nuts? No pun intended.