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Freeing The Radicals | Antioxidant Trail Mix

The perfect travel, adventure, pre-workout, home, and an in office snack to keep you fueled with power! This anti-oxidant loaded trail mix has the ability to slow your aging process!

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Creamy Healing Greens | Raw Avo Dipping Spread

A delicious sauce and dip that you can put on pretty much anything! Lovely with veggies, tacos, lentils, & even on its own!

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Love Story with Fermented Foods!

When my health journey began, I had never even heard of fermented foods. I had no idea that eating foods with bacteria were even close to being beneficial for a human beings health. ┬áNot even the slightest clue that pickles or sauerkraut were considered fermented! My first meeting with these fantastic foods awoke me from… Continue reading Love Story with Fermented Foods!