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6 Reasons To Go Oil Free | The Program That Upgrades Your Health

If you're looking for a simple switch up upgrade your health, and install a new body program to a healthier body and quality of life, these key reasons to go oil free should definitely put some pep in yo step!

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Ladies and Gents, have you been thirsting for that inner Latin flame? | The Latin Torch

Bring out that inner Latin and cleanse your body with sweet and spicy fire! Clean and support your digestion and cardiovascular system with this deliciously fiery tonic!

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Fermented Foods You Don’t Have To Make | What To Buy & Why

New to fermented foods, but don't know where to start? Making fermented foods on your own can be a bit intimidating. Here's some of my favorite ferments that are available in the grocery store!

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Super Seed Pudding

It took me years to really dive into the whole chia seed trend due to conflicting research I continued to come across regarding the fun gel coat that makes chia seeds so delicious! This fun superfood can be eaten in various recipes, completely raw, or soaked, providing the body with loads of nutritional energy! So… Continue reading Super Seed Pudding

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Natural Fix For Your Smelly Pits

  I just have to say that I have never had a problem with smelly armpits. However, I have come in contact with plenty of people who struggle with BO... Now, don't confuse body odor with perspiration. Body odor is┬áthe smell of the human body, especially when unpleasant. Perspiration is the process of sweating, which… Continue reading Natural Fix For Your Smelly Pits

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We’re Living In A World Of POPs.

Shopping for organic foods goes far beyond just "eating clean." In today's world, it literally takes time and money to eat well by avoiding toxic foods in efforts to be healthy. We've all heard people say, "Buy organic, its better for you!" Purchasing organic foods is a giant leap forward towards greater health, and greatly… Continue reading We’re Living In A World Of POPs.