Aloha! I’m Tannisha, & I’m so happy you’ve stopped in to share your aloha as well! 

My journey in blogging began about 6 years ago, when I was living the clinical nutrition life, working with the worlds greatest mentors in the nutrition space. If I take it back even further, where I am today, and my intentions of this blog really began in my early stages of life, if I were to REALLY identify when this entire journey started.

If I can wrap up what life was like prior to the clinic scene, it goes a little like this…

A girl growing up with parents who were best friends (yes my parents split up when I was about a year old) , being raised by my mom as a single mama, and living the boating life on the weekends with my dad. THIS has everything to do with my obsession about the ocean, NEEDING to be by the water, and NEEDING to drive to the ocean first thing in the morning, EVERY morning. As an adult, this is what I’ve done for the past 6 years in Venice Beach, Ca. 

I grew up in Orange County, California, a place MANY people love, and I place I began to feel so confined in as I approached my late teen years. As a teen, like many others, I infiltrated myself with WILD experiences of intoxicating substanaces, like most teens do, but just a little overboard. 

I HAD to escape, and to do so, I did what I do best, and fled to the ocean. However, this time it was overseas…on an island in Hawaii, Oahu.

This is where I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It’s where I blossomed into an even greater version of myself. Experiencing culture, laughter, true friendship, love, heartbreak, and a large amount of even more alcohol exposure, like most college students! It’s also where I paid for my schooling, worked three jobs to make my ends meet, and experienced self sufficiency for the first time.

My ladies when I graduated! Circa 2012

Originally, I fled there to study marine biology, my life long dream after growing up on a boat. 

After a week into Freshman orientation week, I crumbled like a little baby with overwhelm and disbelief that I couldn’t accomplish all that was required to be that awesome marine biologist living the life on the water. I actually feared that since the ocean would be “employing me,” my passion for it would dissipate. 

God is so good, this is where he really began to put his works into way. Well, at least that’s where I saw it for the first time, from a cognitive perspective. 

As a backup, and COMPLETELY unplanned BY THE WAY, I switched my major to Kinesiology. I can honestly say I have no idea WHERE that idea came from. But I did it. 

To this day, I know it was a “God thing.”

Like He planted this term and study in my mind that I didn’t know ANYTHING about, but only had like a day or 2 to declare my major before having to take a longer course path. 

This in itself was pivotal for my life, as it led me into my career path of working with the greatest mentors of all time, Dr. Robert Marshall & Dr. Linda Forbes at The Premier Center of Santa Monica. 

Originally, I was introduced to this method of practice by my long term partner. We ran our practice together, flourishing in growth & success as we assisted others achieve their health goals.

We were a  full on walk in clinic for those who were suffering in their health, a live call center placing a crazy amount of nutritional orders with customized over the phone protocols, and private appointment only appointments with very extensive & detailed nutritional programs. 

It was the most testing of positions to be in, as we had SUCH a small staff operating for thousands of people. 

Absolutely crazy, but EPIC all in one. 

Through the clinical life of living, I became obsessed of making all of my foods from scratch, fermenting foods, creating unique recipes, and constantly shifting the way I ate in order to improve my own health challenges, while living in tandem with my clients. 

It was beautiful. 

In 2014, my blog was born as a creative outlet for myself. Actually at the time, I didn’t know that’s what I was needing. 

We worked and sacrificed so much, my original blog “HealthyHumanz,” was a sense of freedom and development for my creativity to write, not realizing that’s what I LOVED to do. 

FASTFORWARD to now, almost 3 year after our clinic was closed unexpectedly, I’ve been running my blog as a business consulting with clients one on one. It was a perfect solution for me to work from home, something I had wanted to do for a LONG time after feeling like my life was passing by from working so much. I was forced to become resourceful and turn my blog into a reality of a true business and lifestyle I could live in freedom with. The journey of self-employment has been one that has changed me completely, revealing all weaknesses and strengths. I can honestly say, it is NOT for those who are not willing to stretch themselves… 

Life is funny, it has a way of crumbling and rebuilding itself at such a rapid rate overnight. At least that’s what it’s felt for me! 

I’ve fallen in love with helping others in their health through education about food and clean supplementation, advocating mindset, creating recipes, living a life connected to the ocean, experiencing the freedom life truly has to offer, and practicing my faith on a daily basis in moments that feel high and extremely low.

Aside from working on my business, which I do a lot of…I spend my mornings a the beach with my incredible bird, Paka & bulletproof coffee. Paka, he’s the greatest feather child anyone could ask for! Except for when he bites VERY hard! 

This is Paka when he used to come to the clinic with me every day

I dance to salsa music in my Jeep as I drive down PCH, I love my girlfriends beyond, I have FUN running my business ( I know I just mentioned “aside from working on my business”), and I love inspiring others to live a life of wholeness in HEALTH & in LIFE. 

The two are ONE, & I hope what I share here serves to support you in both! 

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love that fermented foods are at the heart of your blogging ethos. Was that you on the rollercoaster with me? Happy that we are both off it now. I love fermented foods and will take immense pleasure in following your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, I have to share with you @aranislandgirl…i have been a bit distracted from working on my blog. To see that you share respect for my passion has motivated me greatly!! THANK YOU!!


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