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How To Make An Apple Pie The Healthy Way

Who doesn’t love apple pie? It used to be an ALL TIME FAVORITE dessert of mine, but its been years really since I’ve had it. It kind of just fell into the back drop of foods that I no longer engaged with because it was typically loaded with sugar and other junk. This all American food is a greatly desired one, but is rated high on the list of “unhealthy.”

As you most likely know, most pies are generally made with white flour, white sugar, and other junk that really shouldn’t even be available for human consumption.

Now for the homemade apple pies, those have the ability to be made with cleaner options. But what if it’s in the middle of the holidays, its 20 days till Christmas, or it’s summer time, you want apple pie, but have no intention of making your own from scratch or purchasing a questionable pie?


What if you want apple pie for breakfast?

There’s a solution to this indulgence:)

But first…

I typically don’t recommend consuming apples before 3pm due to their sugar content. They’re high glycemic, and can contribute to blood sugar crashing. This alone can create hormone disregulation.

However, green apples have been approved to eat before 3p because they’re actually low in sugar! 🙂

Why Granny Smith Apples?


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Weight Loss

Granny Smith apples make a guilt-free addition to your weight-loss efforts. They are naturally low in calories, providing a minimal 80 calories for a medium 3-inch piece of fruit. The high fiber content of Granny Smith apples further helps your weight-loss goals by improving satiety. Soluble fiber, which comes from the soft inside part of the apple, attracts water in your intestinal tract. It forms a gel-like substance, which slows digestion and forces food to back up into your stomach. You may feel full for an extended period of time if you snack on a Granny Smith apple in the afternoon or enjoy one right before a meal.

Regulated Blood Sugar

Granny Smith apples can help stabilize your blood sugar levels, which is particularly important if you have diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes. Foods rich in soluble fiber delay absorption of sugar in your small intestine and may lower your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Women who eat an apple a day are nearly 30 percent less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, “Best Health Magazine” reports. Make sure you meet your daily fiber recommendation for maximum benefits. You need 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories in your diet, which amounts to 28 daily grams for an average 2,000-calorie diet, according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010. A medium 3-inch Granny Smith apple provides about 5 grams of dietary fiber.

Healthy Teeth

If you can’t brush your teeth after a meal, reach for a Granny Smith apple. Biting and chewing the tough, fibrous skin of the apple stimulates saliva production. The extreme tartness of Granny Smith apples aids in more salivation than a sweeter type of apple. High levels of saliva decrease bacteria in your mouth that attack teeth and cause cavities. Granny Smith apples are high in acid, which can break down tooth enamel. As a precaution, drink a glass of water with your apple to minimize any damage from acid.

Steady Heart Rhythm

Granny Smith apples have a slightly higher potassium content than other types of apples. Potassium is an electrolyte that keeps fluid balanced in and around cells. This process is vital to everyday electrical flow through your body, a function that makes your heart beat. If you don’t get enough potassium each day, you may wind up having an irregular heartbeat. You need 4,700 milligrams of potassium each day, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. A 100-gram Granny Smith apple, which is equivalent to about 3 1/2 ounces, provides 115 milligrams of potassium.


With Granny Smith apples and their ability to sustain blood sugar, they’re a perfect option to pair with this delicious chia seed pudding. The fiber, protein, and fat content from this apple pie pudding can supply you with enough energy to last for hours 🙂 Seriously.

Let’s get to making it!



1.5 cup of homemade oat milk or light coconut milk ( Please choose a BPA free can!)

1 peeled Granny Smith apple (If using skin, please wash skin thoroughly!)

1 Tsp vanilla

1/2 Tsp Vietnamese Cinnamon

1/8 Tsp Nutmeg

Raw Honey or Xylitol to taste

Pink Salt to taste




Remove the peel from your apple, along with removing its core. Cut the apples thinly, and place in a pan with lightly simmering water. If you want small apple slices, then cut them into smaller pieces.

For faster and cleaner cuts, definitely use a food processor 🙂

Heat apples on low until apples begin to soften. As the apples are simmering, add your apple pie spices.


If there’s any extra water in the pan after the apples are nice and tender, simply drain the water out. Add more spice if needed.

Let your apples cool.

Chia Pudding

If you want to use oatmilk as your base, use these instructions to make your oat milk.

If you’d rather have a coconut milk based pudding, then make sure you are using a BPA free canned source of light coconut milk, or are purchasing a clean fresh source from your local health grocer. I like to use Native Forest canned coconut milk.

For coconut milk base, mix 1 part coconut milk to 1 part water. You may need to add water.

Mix 12 oz of your plant based milk with 4-5 heaping tablespoons of white chia seed in a medium mixing bowl or a jar.

Let chia sit for at least 30 minutes to create the gel we all love from chia seeds. For chilled chia, place in the refrigerator as your chia’s swell.

When your chia’s are nice and swollen, mix or layer in your apple slices.

Chill overnight for breakfast the next morning!


If you want your treat to be semi warm, then let your chia’s swell outside of the fridge, and layer your hot apples in. You can even lightly warm your coconut milk and then add your chia seeds, too 🙂

Instantaneous comfort in a cup!

Enjoy this deliciousness any time!



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  1. Thanks Tanisha for sharing this delicious oil-free way to make an American staple. Will try it. Looking forward to more ideas and oil-free dishes and desserts. Thanks for all you do. <3.

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