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How To Turn Your Face Into A Baby’s Butt


We have all been subjected to chemical exposure whether it’s in the air, food, water, cleaning products, body care products, & cosmetics. The more that we can learn and absorb, the greater ability we have to live a healthier life!

Drinking cleaner water & eating healthier foods seems to be much easier than eliminating toxic body products for most.

Many body care and skin products that are aimed to assist in beauty goals contain loads of chemicals that directly interfere with hormone communication and function.

Over the past 14 years I’ve used countless facial products to address acne, blackheads, oily skin, dry skin, dead skin, & clean pores.

Many many years & dollars were spent trying new facial products to help me with my skin challenges that never seemed to get well over a long term scale.

After years of living with acne, I was able to rid it naturally by salt flushing, as an internal approach. After addressing my complexion internally after about 10 years of struggle, I began using organic and toxin free facial cleansers & toners 🙂

However, I was also missing a key element, which was exfoliation.

For the years of using toxic facial cleansers and scrubs, my cleansers always had the little micro beads to scrub and sluff off dead skin. There was a great amount of time I was without exfoliation, and boy, it added years to my face!

Going through the process of acne & countless facial products as a young teenager was more than frustrating, and definitely interfered with my self confidence as a young girl to early adult. On the upside of using different types of scrubs and facial masks, I fell in love with pampering myself 🙂

In the recent months, I’ve been scrubbing and masking my face at least 4 times a week 🙂

However, this time, I’m not purchasing facial products. More like ingredients 🙂

When purchasing facial products, it’s best to use the cleanest products as much as possible, without chemicals.

When it comes to beauty products, the effects of the ingredients they contain can be more than just skin deep. The cosmetics industry uses thousands of synthetic chemicals in its products, in everything from lipstick and lotion to shampoo and shaving cream.

Many of these substances are also used in industrial manufacturing processes to clean industrial equipment, stabilize pesticides and grease gears. And we can all agree that an ingredient that effectively scours a garage floor may not be the best choice for a facial cleanser.

In the U.S., major loopholes in federal law allow the cosmetics industry to put thousands of synthetic chemicals into personal care products, even if those chemicals are linked to cancer, infertility or birth defects. At the same time as untested chemicals have been steadily introduced into our environment, breast cancer incidence has risen dramatically.


By choosing to consistently use body products that contain chemicals, you are allowing your body to be susceptible to immune and hormonal stress.

While the chemicals in cosmetics make us look, feel, and smell better, research strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of these chemicals may contribute to the development of cancer in people. But because personal care products contain a diverse combination of chemicals, it’s nearly impossible to show a definite cause and effect for any specific chemical on its own.

Still, many of these chemicals are considered hormone disruptors. Hormone disruptors can affect how estrogen and other hormones act in the body, by blocking them or mimicking them, which throws off the body’s hormonal balance. Because estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer develop and grow, many women choose to limit their exposure to these chemicals that can act like estrogen.


I prefer to live up to the concept of, ” If you can eat it, use it.” This is often a challenging concept to apply 100%, especially for skincare products! Every effort helps, of course!

Some of the most used chemicals in facial products include….

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As you can see, common chemicals used in facial care products have been shown to be directly related to many health concerns with consistent use.

As an alternative to store bought scrubs, and an extremely simple facial scrub easily made, here’s how you can have radiating skin!

Your skin deserves to glow from quality products that don’t harm the body.

I love to use raw honey on the skin due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and hydration qualities! In other posts, I’ve mentioned the importance of using truly raw honey, not pasteurized. This is critically important in order to maintain and utilize all of the available nutrition honey has to offer 🙂 Make sure they honey you choose to use says “Unheated.”

Turmeric is blowing up in its popularity in the health and wellness industry, gaining the reputation it very well much deserves!

I love to use it in this scrub recipe for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and even skin tone balancing! Its anti-aging properties stem from turmeric’s ability to trap free radicals that have accumulated in the body over years of cell damage. Turmeric is very widely known for its ability to balance skin pigmentations like acne scars, even!

I prefer to make enough to keep for 1-2 weeks 🙂 This way I’m not making a mini mess every night 🙂

Here’s how you can make your own!



1 tsp turmeric

4 Tbsp Raw Honey

2 Tbsp Raw Sugar



Put all ingredients into a small jelly jar, and mix with a non metal spoon. Store in bathroom medicine cabinet or fridge 🙂

How To Use

Wash face with your non toxic facial cleanser.

For further skin hydration, wash your face with baking soda! The small grains of the baking soda are an incredibly gentle exfoliant that bring oxygen through the skin tissue, allowing the honey and turmeric to deeply penetrate and hydrate the skin tissue even more so.

Simply splash your face with warm water, dab your fingers with baking soda (enough to have white caps on your finger tips, then massage in circular motions over entire face.

Scoop about a tablespoon of scrub onto your fingertips, and rub hands together so that is spreads and scrubs easily.IMG_6243

Damp your face with warm water, then apply scrub.

Scrub your face using circular motions all around your cheeks, jaw line, chin, nose, and forehead. After scrubbing with circular motions, leave mask on for 20-30 minutes.

After your mask has been set for 20-30 minutes, you may wash it off with warm water, and pat your face dry 🙂

Your face should be smooth, shiny, and tight 🙂

Follow your facial scrub with a non toxic toner and moisturizer to clean off any residue of the mask.

You can do these masks every night if you want to!

After just a few days of this skin mask, you’ll begin to notice that your skin is looking beautifully refreshed, radiant, & hydrated!

If you’re concerned about the toxicity of other products you currently use, you can refer to Skin Deep for their toxicity rating!

To healthy beauty!



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