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Stirring & Frying Without Oil | Flavorful Oil Free Stir Fry

IMG_0559I’d like to direct this post to my clients, as their dedication to their nutritional programs and lifestyle changes with food continue to inspire these oil free food creation recipes.

For newbie oil free lifestylers, it’s easy to reach the false conclusion that you aren’t able to eat anything on a diet that’s oil free. This is often the conflict my clients run into within their logical breakdown. I don’t blame them either! We’ve learned to prepare foods with mass amounts of oil, which I have learned is often unnecessary. However, what is required is the will and motivation to be open to a new way of preparing foods 🙂

Most recipes require oil, which poses the question of how to replace the oil when it seems so mandatory in a recipe?

Well, there’s an easy solution to the problem, and it’s called water.

I’ve been using water as an oil replacement whenever I need to use a pan to sauté for over 3 years. I’m not saying that I’ve been oil free for 3 years, because that is most definitely not the case. I’ve specifically been using water to do all pan searing or sauteing with water.

When I was eating much more animal protein (bison and wild caught fish), I was simply preparing them in a small amount of simmering water. I  was even preparing duck eggs sunny side up with it!

Using a fresh cut onion ring for shape is always fun when preparing eggs in water 🙂

Like most nutritional protocols, it can be easier for some, and much more challenging for others. Majority of the time, changes of lifestyle change aren’t difficult when it comes to working out, supplements, or even getting into routine, per say. From what I have experienced myself  and by supporting my clients, it always comes down to the challenge of food; from preparation to choice of consumption.

I’ll be one to tell you that oil free eating has become fun, creative, and extremely goal oriented! There’s always inspiration when it comes to food creation, especially when my clients are a huge part of my team 🙂

So, for a different verse of oil free eating…here’s some oil free asian flava!


  • Udon noodles (or brown rice )
  • 1 medium zucchini
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1/2 of broccoli head
  • 1/4 purple onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 2 brussel sprouts
  • 1/4 cup green onion
  • 1/4 Tsp ground ginger
  • 2 Tbsp Shoyu (non-GMO gluten free Soy Sauce preferred)


The key to making an oil free stir fry is to use enough water to cook noodles, blanch veggies without over cooking, and to keep “stir-fry” moist. If you follow these steps to a “T,” it should turn out perfectly 🙂

For this dish, I prefer to cook noodles in a stainless steel pan instead of a pot. Specifically for “frying” purposes.

First, chop all veggies into small / medium size pieces. Using a vegetable peeler, remove the skin from zuchinni.

Cut brocoli into small florets like so…

Photo Credit



Boil enough water to cover noodles, but do not add dry noodles into water until water has reached simmering point.

Noodles should be cooked through within more than 3-4 minutes. They’re quite thin and don’t take long to cook 🙂

Keep the heat on low-medium, and add all of your chopped veggies, making sure there is still water within the pan. After a minute of veggies in the pan with noodles, slowly begin to toss them with a wooden spoon. Make sure there is at least a 1/4 inch of water still in the pan. If not, then add purified water to keep moisture.


At this point, you can add shoyu (soy sauce) and ground ginger for flavoring. Slowly turn all ingredients in pan so the shoyu is evenly distributed, and has the chance to soak into all ingredients 🙂

Allow to simmer on low for no more than 4 minutes total, with all ingredients together in the pan. IMG_0559

If making stir fry with rice, soak and prepare rice separately. Once vegetables are done sauteing in water, then add rice, shoyu, & ginger. Allow to simmer for 4-6 minutes. With rice, I like to add potatoes and garbanzo beans 🙂


Now, you are ready to serve! I love to serve this “stir-fry” topped with one of my favorite fermented foods, kimchi 🙂


Indulge guilt free with this oil free, fat free, plant based protein bowl!

Oil free lifestyling ain’t no thang 😉




For more information regarding filtered water and the system I’ve been using for the past year for drinking, food prepping, and cooking,  find out more here!

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