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Hangover Body Bounce Back | Instantaneous Hangover Relief!

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As much as I’m involved in supporting my health, I will hid behind no blanket by admitting that I love to enjoy fine wine 🙂

Somewhat recently over the past 6 months I woke with the notorious nausea, dehydration, and spinney feeling from having a bit too much wine, or perhaps a not so great quality grape. Drinking poor quality wines don’t strike my body too well… 

The morning I woke with this hangover feeling, I happened to have a small amount of oat milk left in my fridge from the batch I made the day prior. There was only about 4 oz left of it. I thought, “Okay, I just need something cold in my stomach and this last bit of oat milk sounds amazing right now…”


Within less than 5 minutes the notorious hangover feeling literally disappeared! My energy level and strength bounced back like I hadn’t even been hungover 5 minutes prior!

With my experiencing of ridding my hangover instantly, I’ve referred this remedy to two other people and they both came back to share the exact “hangover body bounce back!”

The second person was actually this morning. So, I went into the kitchen at work and made a small 4 ounces for them to drink right on the spot. Excitingly, she shared the same experience as I did 🙂 !

This most definitely isn’t a case study, but I am super excited to share this natural hangover remedy with you in case you or anybody else is in need of instant relief!

I’m not saying to go out and drink your brains out to put this to the test, in any sense.

However, if you know you’re going to be in an environment with alcohol, and there’s a chance you may just indulge, making a batch of oat milk in preparation might just save you for the next day!

Here’s the recipe for your future hangover body bounce back!

I wish I knew this for back in my college days!




For more information regarding filtered water and the system I’ve been using for the past year for drinking, food prepping, and cooking,  find out more here!

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