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Natural Fix For Your Smelly Pits

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I just have to say that I have never had a problem with smelly armpits. However, I have come in contact with plenty of people who struggle with BO…

Now, don’t confuse body odor with perspiration. Body odor is the smell of the human body, especially when unpleasant. Perspiration is the process of sweating, which is a way the body cleanses itself. When the body is unable naturally cleanse itself, skin conditions, body odors, digestive issues, & other body abnormalities may present themselves. Using body products that are made with chemicals can impair the body’s cleansing ability through the skin, creating a toxic back up. The skin is the largest organ in the body! It needs to breathe!

The ideal way to address the issue of body odor is by supporting the internal environment of the body. This can be done by consuming quality water, organic whole foods, fermented/ probiotic rich foods, cleansing the colon, eliminating processed oils from the diet, the list honestly goes on and on….

One way that many health newbies begin their journey to a cleaner lifestyle is by ditching the toxic deodorants. Commercial deodorants are beyond toxic for the entire body.

Instead of addressing the odor, commercial deodorants interfere with the body’s natural cleansing process, perspiration. They have a direct effect on your lymphatic system, liver, kidneys, hormones, lungs, breasts, brain, and even digestion. There are no limitations to what is affected in the body. Think about this….

The digestive system has its own lymph system (called chyle) that is responsible for trapping bacteria, viruses, infection, or other foreign invaders in the body. The lymphatic system has a major responsibility to keep the body as clean as can be. So, when you’re applying toxic deodorants to the inner arm, the lymph can be overwhelmed by such a localized application of toxic material. This toxic burden is detrimental to the body’s filtering system and can be identified by rashes, swollen lymph nodes in your neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, or groin region.

If your toxic deodorant is working, and not allowing you to perspire, know your body is screaming at you!

When one system in the body becomes compromised, the remaining body systems are also affected. For example, when the lymph system is overwhelmed, your kidney’s need to be further supported. These two systems work together to filter toxins out of the body through various pathways. They depend on each other, greatly. Your kidneys are the true power to your physical being!

Commercial deodorants have been said to have high amounts of aluminum, contributing to high rates of Alzheimers. However, research since the 60’s has been shown that Aluminum does not contribute to the effects of this brain disorder. The skin and oil barrier of our bodies have an incredible defense system, and actually kick the aluminum out of our pores where it sits after deodorant application. However, this element has been shown to be another contributor to breast cancer by its ability to increase estrogen levels within the body.

As a way to better our health, it is best to turn to non-toxic, natural deodorants.

Natural does not mean organic. Using products that are not organic have an extremely high chance of being exposed to other chemicals and excipients. Manufacturing companies use various excipients as a way to speed of the production process during manufacturing. Organic production and labeling is an additional expense for the manufacturer, so it is best to always double check the ingredients in the product.

Don’t want to worry about buying the right deodorant?

There’s an extremely affordable alternative to stopping that horrible BO of yours. Or your friends…

Baking soda.

It’s a chemical compound called sodium bicarbonate. Companies like Frontier and Bob’s Red Mill have a superior standard of practice by mining their products directly from the ground in their natural sodium bicarbonate state (also known as nahcolite). They use a chemical-free extraction process using just water.  These two companies make it a point to label their products  “Aluminum Free.”

You may be wondering, “Why can’t I just use simple Arm & Hammer…?”

I myself have advised my clients to avoid baking soda from commercial companies like Arm & Hammer due to Aluminum contamination. However, I’ve found that there is a bit of controversy whether or not this company actually contains Aluminum within their product. According to another blogger, they were able to contact Arm & Hammer directly to learn that their product does not contain Aluminum. I have also contacted them by phone to learn that they do not use any chemicals in their extraction process.

If you are uncertain about ingredients used within a company product, you can always contact them directly!

Start using natural, healthy, organic body care products for better health! Your choices influence your well-being 🙂



Frontier or Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda


Store baking soda into a small mason jar that you can easily keep a part of your daily toiletries.picstitch

After stepping out of the shower, dip your fingers into your jar of baking soda and rub it over your axillary region (aka- armpit; underarm).photo-1

You won’t need much. Just enough to be considered a thin layer.

I like to do this after the shower when my under arms are still slightly wet. Applying baking soda when the skin is still slightly damp helps prevent any potential skin irritation.

That’s it! Get dressed, and never worry about people smelling you again!



Statements above are not against any company products.

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