How I traveled and maintained my lifestyle

This past weekend I traveled back to Oahu for a total of three and a half days to see one of my best friends marry the man of her dreams. Knowing that I have a structured food lifestyle, I knew that I’d be put to the test to maintain high quality foods that still honored my raw fermented food lifestyle. Maintaining my healthy lifestyle is my number one priority… I’ve written a previous post on how to travel healthy, so I thought I’d share my own traveling experience with you!

The night before my flight, I spent some time making and wrapping my favorite plant based food at the moment, spring rolls! I rolled about 9 of them (This may seem like a lot, but they vanish quite quickly!), and packed them up in a large ziplock bag so they could easily slip right into my backpack. spring rolls

Having access to healthy munchies on your flight is always a great way to start a vacation. This way, you can go into your vacation still holding intention to maintain your healthy lifestyle. 

My first night of sleep was heaven! Sleeping in an environment surrounded by earth, mountains, and nature automatically invites the best night of sleep compared to sleeping in the city where your constantly woken up by sirens driving down the street… On my first morning, I woke up early around 6:30a and maintained my morning workout. Very rarely do I ever miss my morning workouts. I enjoyed a lovely run through Palolo Valley, where I used to live during college. I went into my vacation knowing that I would be on the go, active, eating healthy foods, and swimming a great amount of the time. However, I knew that I’d love to experience that exhilaration of running in nature, instead of traffic and cement.

When your servicing your body and health, the idea of exercising loses its negative association, becoming less of a chore, more of rush, something to look forward to in efforts to achieve great health! Beginning your vacation with quality foods and exercise helps to set the platform for a continued healthy vacation!  

At the end of my run, my soul sister surprised me by flying over from the island of Maui! We went over to some local spots, The Health Bar and Bogarts to grab some breakfast. Both of these places are known for their acai bowls and incredible breakfast options. In the past, there’d be no questions asked about having an acai bowl for myself. On this round of travel, I went into these awesome eateries with a different mind set. I kept my meal quite simple, fully satisfying, and still within my value system. I chose to order a bowl of oatmeal, with a side of blueberries and strawberries. It may seem boring to those of you, but was actually so enjoyable and normal within my every day life!

Why did I order oatmeal and not my usual acai bowl?

Well, most cafes won’t really sub for special dietary preferences. Acai bowls are commonly made with apple juice or soy milk. I’m not a fan of commercial apple juice due to its pesticide exposure, preservatives, natural flavors (secret word for MSG), and high sugar content. Soy milk, well, most is GMO, also containing tons of pesticides, preservatives, and natural flavors. Not a fan of these at all!

Being aware of GMO’s and ingredient pseudonyms (fake names) can help you avoid toxic food options on vacation or at home!  

The girls and I planned a dinner at a new wine bar, Pukas, to chat it up and enjoy each others company. I was excited to find out that Pukas is actually an extension of Whole Foods! My immediate thought was that they’d have some great options for me to choose from.They had a whole service menu with burgers, fries, fish n chips, beer on draft, sushi, and wine, your typical bar food. At first glance, there weren’t that many options for me to choose from. Especially since most of the foods contained processed oils, which I avoid at my very best. Then, I came across black rice sushi rolls with mango, sprouts, fermented daikon carrot, and avocado! What a dream to enjoy these rolls! They’ve totally inspired me to recreate my own version of them! So, keep your eye out for them in upcoming posts! To accompany my sushi rolls, I had a fantastic glass of an Italian wine which I totally forgot the name of! whole foods sushi

During our dinner outing, I evaluated the menu thoroughly, found foods that consisted of my dietary staple, and enjoyed them with complete satisfaction! Choosing a wine outside of California, including the entire United States is a greater options due to cultivation practices. Majority of the wines produced outside of the US are not exposed to pesticides! 

Thankfully, Oahu has many health foods stores on the island. Down to Earth and Whole Foods are my go-to’s. I was able to make a stop there and load up on take-out bowls with my diet staple of rice, potatoes, fermented vegetables, protein and raw fats like avocado! At home, I don’t often eat kimchi or daikon carrots. On this trip, I fully loaded up on these ferments so I could still maintain healthy gut bacteria, to further support my immune system. Another favorite I was able to enjoy were Okinawan sweet potatoes!  You can see this quick easy to-go meal below!image

Not an ounce of dissatisfaction, still on track with my health goals, and more than 50% was still raw and fermented. Choosing foods that support the staple of your diet will help you to maintain your lifestyle while traveling! 

We traveled over to the West-side on my 2nd day to enjoy the clear blue water, hoping to find this secret cave that none of my girls or myself had ever explored. On our way to the beach, we made a stop at Down to Earth and loaded up on our foods for the day. I made a gigantic salad and my all time favorite spring rolls on the island! I love enjoying fresh vegetables and fruit when I’m in the sun & surrounded by water.

Fruits and vegetables are an easy way to stay hydrated and nourished while your in the sun! Vegetables have naturally occurring sodium which helps to maintain energy & fluid balance in case your body is perspiring in the sun, expelling your body’s salt reserves. beach salad

On my 3rd day, I had lunch plans with a dear friend of mine. One of my girlfriends kept mentioning a fabulous restaurant, Greens & Vines, that offers a cuisine of raw vegan foods. Prior to my lunch date, we made a trip to my favorite farmer’s markets, where the Greens & Vines has a booth. I was able to sample some of their known foods. Holy, I was sold, and became super excited to indulge with their raw foods! My lunch date has been a vegan for most of her life, so it was important for us to eat where both of our needs could be met. Greens & Vines was a perfect option for the both of us! We split and shared an amazing appetizer with beets and a raw “cheese” filling, green papaya with coconut salad, & caesar salad with raw vegan dressing, topped incredible raw croutons! That was just to start!  We split two entrees, a raw burger and raw pad thai with fresh organic veggies. This very well sized raw three course meal met all of our dietary needs, values, & tasteful satisfaction! Thank you Greens & Vines for being a food highlight during my trip!
Green papaya CoconutBeets & cashew cheeseraw vegan ceasarRaw pad thai - Greens & Vines

Raw Burger

Finding restaurants that accommodate your dietary needs are super helpful to know of when your traveling. It allows you as the traveler to explore the food culture of the community & enjoy new flavors that still support your lifestyle! 

The whole purpose of my trip was to attend my girlfriends dream come true wedding! Most weddings don’t have as huge of a selection of foods that meet specific dietary needs. Depending on your food lifestyle, attending a wedding or a special event may leave you in a position of not having much food to choose from. Maybe you’re wanting to just let go and splurge (totally okay to do this!), or maybe maintaining your dietary lifestyle is still important to you! Ultimately, the choice is yours! The wedding that I just attended had a huge food spread, all of which I was able to eat loads of! Thank you to the bride and groom for proving such an amazing buffet for the guests that love them so much! I literally enjoyed two plates full of rice, veggies, octopus, scallops, lomi lomi salmon, fresh poke (raw fish) with limu (seaweed)! This was a fully loaded dinner, packed with vegetable starch, sea vegetables, & protein! Food heaven on earth!

Not all special events will have the greatest food options. If sticking to your health values is important to you, even at a special event, choose the best option that’s within accordance to your dietary staple! Choose foods that are fresh, less cooked, & minimally processed to be on the safe side, if possible! 

My final morning on Oahu began quite early. I knew that I’d be sitting on my bum for a straight 5 hours, which can create a ton of lymph & circulatory stagnation in the body from little movement and high altitude. So, I kicked off the morning with a long, uphill, inclined, run through the valley to get my circulation, lymph, blood sugar balance, and brain power turned on! Also, its another way for me to get back into the flow of how my body operates when Im home. After my run, I made my final stop at Whole Foods to pack up some healthy options for my flight home! I packed up some oatmeal topped with berries, and another to-go box with brown rice, fermented daikon carrots & raddish, guacamole, arugula, cabbage, and beans! I couldn’t get enough daikon! Another favorite I’m going to have to start fermenting at home! It was perfectly sized meal to sustain my energy and drive to write this post on the flight home!

If the time is available, and your not exhausted from having so much fun, getting back into your home workout routine on the last day of your vacation is a super helpful transition back into “reality. ” Setting back into the home life with a clear head from circulatory stimulation is actually quite helpful! If you live a busy lifestyle like myself, I highly recommend this! Works like a charm! 

In reality, I am fully aware that not every city, small town, or island has a whole foods or health store in near proximity. However, I hope you see that its possible for you to apply some, maybe not all, quick tips and tricks for a healthy vacation!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blurb of how I was able to maintain my dietary needs, lifestyle, and values of health while traveling!

Happy healthy travels!


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