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Kraut de Purpz | Fermented Cabbage!

Happy fermentation Friday!

So, I’ve spent all this time talking about fermented foods, and posting fermented photos on my Instgram. The entire time of taking pictures and talking about these fabulous healing foods, a few subscribers have helped me realize that I don’t even have a basic step by step process for you to actually make your own batch! I love this method of fermentation because it literally requires such a small list of required fermenting ingredients 🙂

An easy vegetable to begin fermenting with is red cabbage. Its full of flavor, an erupting color explosion to any plate, and supports digestion. What more would you ask for? 


3 – 4 oz raw apple cider vinegar

1/2 medium red cabbage

1/2 White onion

2 minced garlic cloves

2 Tablespoons Fresh Dill

2 Tablespoon Agrimony herb

4-6 oz purified water


Mason jar

Mandolin or large fine knife

Cheese cloth (or non-bleached paper towel)

Rubber band (or Mason jar lid)


Use a mandolin or a heavy duty knife to cut cabbage into thin long strands. Or, to your desired size.

Mince fresh organic garlic, and chop onions into long, thin pieces.

Fill about ¾ of the quart sized mason jar with cabbage, garlic, onion, fresh dill, & Agrimony herb (Agritonik) .

If using a quart sized jar, pour 3-4 ounces of raw apple cider vinegar.


For the remainder of the jar, pour purified water enough to cover vegetables
completely. Leave at least 1 inch of free space before the rim.

Screw the lid on the jar and turn the jar upside down a few times to mix ingredients thoroughly.

After mixing, remove lid, and replace with a cheese cloth. Or, you can simply use a non-bleached paper towel.

Use a rubber band to hold the cloth or paper towel in place, as if it were a lid.

Let the jar stand out at room temperature on a kitchen counter, or somewhere were it can receive natural sunlight.


I love to let my veggies ferment directly in the sunlight for majority of the fermenting time! This way, your fermented veggies are charged with energy from the sun and Vitamin D!


After about 8 hours, you can begin eating the vegetables as the fermentation process is well underway! The ferments are best when they’ve been fermenting for about 3-4 days. Day 4 is my favorite 🙂

By day 7, they’re super pungent!

Eating at least 4 ounces of fermented vegetables daily will greatly improve your gut health by supporting the microbiome with beneficial gut flora.

They’re great with salads, rice, protein rich meals, on top of avocados, or even just by themselves!

photo copy

Enjoy this basic veggie ferment! Feel free to ask questions if they come up!



For more information regarding filtered water and the system I’ve been using for the past year for drinking, food prepping, and cooking,  find out more here!

4 thoughts on “Kraut de Purpz | Fermented Cabbage!”

  1. Thank you so much for this! I get the impression that with the two essential products from your mentors this is a scientifically advanced nutritionally-superior method of fermenting that out-dates/outdoes the salt+water method?

    Do you have a post for the Fermented Garlic Cloves or the Sunflower Seed Pate (can use other nuts as well) or the fermented nut crust for raw deserts that you’ve mentioned in other posts? I can’t find them.

    I’m guessing the garlic cloves would be the same as the sauerkraut above, but the sunflower seed pate or nut crust – how do you make these please?

    I’m super excited and thankful to have stumbled across your blog just now. I’m trying to help my 2 1/2 yr old regain his health and side-step an autoimmune diagnosis in the future (he’s got mystery thyroid, growth and developmental issues that no Dr or GI/other specialist can figure out).


    1. YES, this is definitely another method that many are unaware of! These posts are in the works, and I thank you for asking about them! It gives me the extra “push.” I’m super excited that you are excited to have come across HealthyHumanz. More than happy to help you in any way I know how to!


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