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I had anotherpost in mind for this week, but this one felt more fitting since Mother’s Day was last Sunday.

Last Saturday after work, I knew I’d be traveling home to South Orange County where my mom lives. Its about an hour and a half away from Venice.newsletter-healthy-travel-tips

Knowing that I would be leaving my little humble abode with all of my personally prepared foods and quality drinking water, I knew I’d be bringing some of my preferred foods to prepare. Not only for myself, but for my sweet mamma too!

So, I left work 3 hours early (yes, I lovingly work on Saturdays…) to prepare  for my drive down south. Packed up my car up with bags of fresh produce from my local co-op, my bird, and great jamz to accompany the awesome road trip. Not to mention my moms mothers day gifts! One of them being a new dehydrator, with bags of brazil nuts and apricots. These were for her first raw food & dehydrating experiment!

I’d only be gone for 24 hrs, but knew that I’d be making my kind of foods to showcase to my mom. You have to make something great in order for someone to want to break away from a more conventional diet. This was my goal.

My sweet mamma learning how to prepare some healthy foods on Mother’s Day!

I was feeling pretty excited to get to my moms place, have a glass of red vino, and a classic dinner with vegetables, starch, some raw fats, ya know, the usual.

Excited about the idea of preparing dinner, my mom tells me, “We’re going out to eat!”

For most, this would be of no concern.

For myself, because I’m truly and all or nothing person, I slightly cringed at the possibility of eating out. Only because I was not in my comfort of knowing what restaurants provide me with the best options.

Okay, you may be asking yourself, “Whats the big effing deal about eating out?”

I won’t go into depth on food quality in the restaurant industry on this post. I’ll save it for a later one 😉

Eating a diet rich in quality organics, avoiding all types of additives and oils can make eating out seem like an impossibility. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta roll with the punches.

Even though this may not seem like a “punch” for most.

Oils are in EVERYTHING! I’d like to mention that when I speak of oils, I am strictly referring to processed oils like olive oil, safflower oil, flax, oil, coconut oil, etc…

Reminder of why I eat oil free:

I’ve recently learned that an excessive buildup of processed oils in the body act like tar and literally stick to the tissues inside the body. Just like sludge. Studies have shown that the moment the body consumes processed oils, an inflammatory response is initiated within the body, severely affecting the entire body! I’m speaking of processed oils, not raw fats. This accumulation of sludge overwhelms the gallbladder, contributing to the inability to digest your foods, gallstones, dementia, fast forward, oh what, now your gallbladder has to be removed?! 

There’s a crazy amount of controversial research in regards to eating diets rich in fats. I’ve read books, read many articles, & have eaten a diet high in raw fats. It dramatically improved my hormone regulation and overall functioning as a human being. However, it truly depends on the state of your gallbladder. From my experience in the clinical world, I have not seen one gallbladder that does not need to be nutritionally supported in order to break down fats more efficiently. Not one.

This in itself is a work in progress if you’re willing to commit. 

Some may call me an extremist, but I take my health quite seriously 🙂

Alright, I’m extremely off topic.

How can you travel and maintain your lifestyle?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling away from home definitely requires some planning.

What are the main points to focus on?

  • Food
  • Water
  • Exercise

How can you continue to commit to your lifestyle without feeling like you fell off the wagon?

  1. Meal prepping 

    If you’ll be staying in a place with a kitchen, perfect! You’ll have some room to meal planIdentify the foods that make the staple of your lifestyle. Make a list, take them with you, or stop at a local store to pick them up.

    As of right now, my staple consists of rice, potatoes, plant based proteins, duck eggs here n there, fermented vegetables, and some fruit!

    •  If there’s no kitchen in your place of stay, then this is when your smartphone will become your best friend. If you’re not already attached or dependent on it!

      Mother’s Day freshly made morning breakfast!
  2. Pack snacks you love!
    • If you’re on the road, traveling in an airplane, or just simply going over to a family members house for a couple days, pack your favorite munchies! Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, homemade trailmix, fermented anything!
      • I do this all the time, especially when I go to a family members house. I love to pack my fermented foods like fermented fruit leather, fermented vegetables, duck eggs. Packing items that aren’t at your usual grocery. Fruits, veggies, and starches can be found at most grocery stores. Bringing my favorite foods also give me an opportunity to introduce them to a healthier lifestyle! I LOVE this process!

        Fresh homemade raw granola! Grawnola, rawnola:)
  3. Know where the nearest health food store is
    • If where your traveling has a local health food store, perfect! You’ll have some healthy options available at your finger tips!
    • If there aren’t any health stores where you’re traveling, conventional grocery stores have expanded into providing organic produce!
    • Exploring farmers markets in different towns and city is always fun! Check online to see where the closest or most popular market is! You’ll be sure to find outstanding quality!

      Farmers market in my hometown on Mother's Day morning!
      Farmers market in my hometown on Mother’s Day morning!
  4. Eating out?
    •  In case you don’t have a kitchen, or just feel like being social, choosing the right restaurant is always key to a great success in a healthy happy meal that agrees with your body!
    • Google local restaurants within your traveling area and evaluate their menu. If you have questions on what they serve, don’t feel shame to call them and ask questions! Choosing options that consist of your dietary staple, this is always a safe move!
      • I like to warn my waiter that I’ll be asking some very odd ended questions. When I give them warning, they’re way more prepared to help me out!
      • Know what foods you’re trying to stay away from, this way it makes it painless for your waiter!
    • In case you don’t have a kitchen, eating out may be your only option.
  5. What if you are in the middle of nowhere?
    • Well, this is where you’ve got to plan ahead, and bring long lasting food options with you. For example, potatoes, rice beans. The greens, vegetables, and fruits may be the challenge when it comes to finding organic. In some situations, doing the best you can is all that matters! Nowadays, there seems to be options in most places.
  6. Drinking Water
    • If you have a home water filtration system, drink spring or alkaline water, it can be challenging to being these sources of water with you. Obviously, you can’t bring your filtration system with you on your travels. So, if your leaving home for a few days and will have your car with you, fill up your own jugs! If this is just too tedious of a task for you, pick up some awesome spring water jugs for your travels!
  7. Are you a supplement junkie?
    • I’ll admit, I am one of these!
    • Do you nutritional supplements to make up for your nutritional needs? Taking a boatload of nutritional supplements can often interfere with travel plans. Many of my clients in the workplace can relate to this, fully. Depending on how long your traveling for, there are a few ways to do this.
    •  If you have a large amount of supplements that aren’t crucial for you to take, don’t take them all with you! Prioritize your top 5 supplements that meet your foundational dietary needs. You’ll be back home soon enough!
    • For those that have a larger home inventory of nutritional supplements that are crucial, having a capsule divider is a great help with this! I use one by Fit & Fresh. It has 9 segmented dividers, which allows me to take all of my major supplements with me. This box has seriously saved me the time of organizing my supplements all the time. It’s an easy grab n’ go! Fits perfectly in your purse or backpack also!

      My important supplements and foods for a quick trip to Mammoth this past winter! When I was still eating a high fat diet 🙂
  8. Exercise
    • Take a pair of your workout shoes with you wherever you go. No matter where you are, there is always somewhere to walk, run, stretch, and just move! Exercise is an essential part of everyday life. Its built within our body network. I don’t mean to excessively workout. Keep it simple, and find atleast 20 minutes a day to move while increasing your heart rate 🙂

When your health is one of your highest values, traveling with your health can definitely be a little bit of extra work, but its totally worth it!

If you’re not from the LA area, and your traveling in, you will have no problems with finding foods, restaurants, water, or places to exercise!

If you have other tips and suggestion for ways to travel and maintain your values of health, please feel free to share!


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