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Oil-free Garlic Dill Hummus!

Another new condiment to add to the list! I didn't expect this whole eating oil free lifestyle to create a love for condiments... I used to enjoy hummus somewhat periodically back in college. I never ate it on a regular basis, but definitely enjoyed it from time to time...For most, it seems to be a… Continue reading Oil-free Garlic Dill Hummus!

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Kraut de Purpz | Fermented Cabbage!

Happy fermentation Friday! So, I've spent all this time talking about fermented foods, and posting fermented photos on my Instgram. The entire time of taking pictures and talking about these fabulous healing foods, a few subscribers have helped me realize that I don't even have a basic step by step process for you to actually… Continue reading Kraut de Purpz | Fermented Cabbage!


Foods For Thought & Travel…

I had anotherpost in mind for this week, but this one felt more fitting since Mother's Day was last Sunday. Last Saturday after work, I knew I'd be traveling home to South Orange County where my mom lives. Its about an hour and a half away from Venice. Knowing that I would be leaving my little… Continue reading Foods For Thought & Travel…


Beans & Rice – They Swing More Than One Way

Over the past year or so, I've fallen in love with beans and rice. These two starches have become a great staple in my daily diet, meeting many of my dietary needs! When you put them together, they're the perfect complete protein option for those of you who stick to a plant based diet. Even… Continue reading Beans & Rice – They Swing More Than One Way

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Splendid Split Pea Soup

I remember someone referred to me as an old lady because I loved the taste and texture of split pea soup! I don't remember who it was exactly, but I'll take the time to thank them for the great inspiration to recreate my very own! I hope you find yourself to enjoy it just as… Continue reading Splendid Split Pea Soup

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We’re Living In A World Of POPs.

Shopping for organic foods goes far beyond just "eating clean." In today's world, it literally takes time and money to eat well by avoiding toxic foods in efforts to be healthy. We've all heard people say, "Buy organic, its better for you!" Purchasing organic foods is a giant leap forward towards greater health, and greatly… Continue reading We’re Living In A World Of POPs.