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7 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Day, Week, Month, Year, & LIFE

Do you consider yourself healthy?

Most people are nutritionally deprived from minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, & even chronically dehydrated. Most are functioning in a state of excessive stress, exhausting their nutritional reserves, not sleeping, not recovering, or rejuvenating. Many have no idea that there are simple ways to rejuvenate the body & feel abundant with energy! With a diet that is low in whole foods, or a body that is chronically running itself down, how do we expect our bodies to function when they have no fuel to operate?

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If you live a busy lifestyle, the thought of changing your routine in itself can be severely overwhelming! So, let me break it down in 6 easy steps! 

1. Eat Clean, Eat Organic!

Do we expect the prepackaged foods to supply our bodies with the essential nutritional elements that power on the human body? What about the added chemicals that help to extend the shelf-life? Or the sprays that our conventional fruits, vegetables, & grains are doused with to help preserve them? Nowadays, packaged and conventional foods are the transporters for the chemical insults that pollute, deplete, & degrade our bodies.

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The foods we consume have an everlasting effect on our bodies. The more processed foods we eat, the greater our bodies become depleted. What happens when we eat foods that do not have the naturally occurring “lock & key” for proper food metabolism (food breakdown). The foods steal these metabolic components from the body (minerals)! The best way to make sure you’re eating higher quality foods is by purchasing your produce from your local farmers market, co-op, or other health food stores.

Whole foods have their complete synergists (tools to help break down foods) within itself. Meaning, the whole food item has all that it needs to properly break down in the body. There’s no need to borrow these tools ( stored nutritional reserves) from the body to break them down. When you eat foods that are not in their whole form, the body literally has to find a way to break it down. So, the body donates its own nutritional reserves in order to metabolize the food correctly! This is why eating foods in their whole form is so essential!

Just to be clear, consuming this “fortified food” nonsense does not prevent body breakdown, okay?

Fresh organic produce, wild caught fish, grass-fed meats, sprouted grains, free-range poultry, specific legumes (sprouted would be ideal), fermented foods, & raw fats are great options to incorporate in your daily diet.

These are what the body wants!

2. At Least 5 hours of Undisturbed Sleep!

Did you know that the adrenal glands play a huge role in how you sleep? Did you know that your liver and gallbladder have a major role as well?

One of the main “ingredients” the adrenal glands needs to perform and rest is magnesium. The simple act of lifting your head in the middle of the night (whether your turning over or getting up for whatever reason) instantly depletes magnesium that’s held within the adrenals. Interesting, yes?

The more you can support the adrenals with magnesium rich foods &/ or quality supplementation, the better you can begin to experience deep, restful sleeps. Then eventually, you won’t need as many hours of it! The more organic whole foods you eat will in turn help support not only the adrenals, but the entire body!

How can you support the body dietarily with magnesium abundant foods? It actually a bit challenging, & could be considered a mastered art, even!

There are three basic reasons we can’t get enough magnesium in the diet:

  1. Reduced levels due to processing.
  2. Reduced levels due to soil conditions.
  3. Changes in eating habits.

This is when supplementation is often required.

Aside from supporting the adrenal glands with sufficient magnesium, supporting the gallbladder is just as important!

3. Time For an Oil Change.

This is a new area that I am currently experimenting in with myself. But I have to say, I’m seriously enjoying it! Don’t get me wrong, I love eating fat. LOVE IT. But, its nice to welcome specific grains back into the diet! It’s promoted more creative space in the HealthyHumanz Kitchen! This is the time I love.

The major organs and glands that help the body to break down fats are the liver and gallbladder. The liver is responsible for producing bile, and is stored in the gallbladder. Bile has 2 extremely important roles:

  1. Natural body coolant & disinfectant
  2. Fat breakdown for proper digestion

Here’s the problem, the oils in our foods are processed, highly heated, and rancid. Rotten, to be quite frank. So, when we ingest these processed oils, the “slimy” sludge begins to accumulate throughout the tissues of the body, while also making home in the gallbladder. When these junky oils accumulate in the gallbladder, stones begin to accumulate, blocking & preventing the bile from properly flowing to help breakdown fats & naturally cool the body, killing potential infection.

How can you help support your gallbladder?

Eliminating processed oils from the diet are a gigantic help! Just for a few months. Doing this will allow the gallbladder to rest and recover from years of overworking. You’ll watch your body’s inflammation decrease so quickly! If I can do it, you can do it!

Elimination of processed oils will prepare the gallbladder for the future of breaking down of raw fats. It’s not forever, just temporary.

Time to clean out the tubes!

Think of it as Spring cleaning.

4. Protein intake. Doesn’t necessarily mean “beef cakes.”

Protein is not only important for your muscles, but its demand is also higher when there’s infection in the body. From what I’ve seen in the clinical setting at work, it’s very rare to find no infection in a person. Especially when they haven’t been nutritionally supporting themselves! In order for the body to move into the role of repairing, it needs an abundant amount of protein! Remember, the cells are composed of amino acids; the building blocks to protein, & cellular structure. The body absolutely needs its foundation in order to repair or build up.picstitch(11)

Removing oils from your diet can definitely help speed up the metabolism. You’re hunger frequency is definitely going to increase.

Don’t fret, its okay!

Since red meat has a significant amount of fat, removing this source of protein for at least 30 days would be a great benefit. In place of meat, wild caught fish and plant-based proteins are great options. If you’re planning on preparing fish, then it would be best to pan sear the fish. Basically, poached in water. No oil!

This way, you’re not completely denaturing the protein or omega fatty acid content. Chicken & turkey need to be cooked all the way through. These, I’m not a fan of.

Since I’ve eliminated red meat from my diet for who knows how long…my favorite foods that seem to take care of my protein needs are organic beans, volcano rice (blend of red Bhutanese and brown rice), organic Farro pasta by Rustichella D’Abruzzo.

Rustichella is definitely an extremely trustworthy company that provides an excellently sourced product!

I’ve even welcomed back Non-GMO pita bread! No oil in the ingredients, of course.

And just for more clarification, I am not a vegetarian.

4. Put Some Pep In Yo Step.

Body movement on a daily basis can dramatically impact your quality of life! Walking from the couch to the fridge several times a day doesn’t count, okay?

People either LOVE to be active, or they have mastered the art of being sedentary with their bums on the couch, pretending they don’t know how to walk. Sorry if you part-take in this, and I have offended you.

Welcoming a daily walk for 20- 30 minutes into stimulates those “feel good” hormones that greatly impact self perception, mood, sleep, and overall outlook on life. Along with hormone stimulation, movement stimulates the lymphatic & circulatory system! Lymphatic stimulation is crucial for the delivery of nutrition, while the circulatory system is used to carry oxygen throughout the body.

These exercise induced stimulated hormones mimic the effects of euphoria, and even a high from morphine as stated in this article!

Exercise doesn’t mean you have to jump right into sprinting, CrossFit, or any form of extreme exercise.

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Actually, lower intensity exercise burns more fat! Cool, huh? The greater the intensity of your workout, the more glycogen you burn. The lower intensity workouts are the ones that burn more calories from fat! So, take it easy, don’t stress!

Maybe you haven’t exercised in a long time, your a bit intimidated to get back into the gym, or exercise out in public (Many people have a fear of this. I used to!) is something you are just not up to doing.

Finding an “at home” workout video or using a rebounder will do perfectly!

5. Grounding. Have you ever been grounded?

Remember the term, “You’re grounded,”?

Well, this actually has meaning!


Instead of focusing on the negative interpretation of the authoritarian parental statement, lets focus on another interpretation!

Being grounded is something to actually enjoy!

One of the best ways I (along with many other people) have found to truly rest, restore, & energize my body is by what’s called grounding. Simply planting your feet into/ onto the earth (not the sidewalk, fertilized grass, or artificial stone flooring) allows the Earth’s powerful energetics to flow freely into the body. The human body is abundantly filled and operates through an energetic system, & responds directly through energetic exchange. Placing your feet into these earth elements helps to promote an effect that purifies energy pathways in the body. The frequencies that are carried throughout earth materials allow the body to recalibrate electrically & energetically. We live in a world that is in constant chaotic stress on all levels (especially electromagnetically). The more that we can support the energetics of the body, the greater the body can truly operate!

It’s time to commit to YOU!

7. Love, You.

Really, this is step one. Loving yourself. This world and universe operates in the law of attraction (If this is something you do not resonate with, no problem!). I have learned, and will continue to learn that the greatest way to truly attract what you want out of this life is to love yourself!

This may seem like a simple task. It’s actually challenging, & I speak this from my own experience.

As a part of your morning routine, stand in front of a mirror. Before you leave the house to begin your day. Look at yourself.

Stare into the eyes of your reflection and tell yourself,

I love you, I forgive you, I accept you!

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If it helps you to remember, you can even put a post it up on your bathroom mirror. This way, there’s no excuses to forget!

Maybe this is easy for you, maybe not! I encourage you to do this every morning for 30 days!

What are you willing to do to commit to your daily life?


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