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High Fat To No Fat…

These past few weeks have been so completely mind boggling, that I’ve had no idea where to continue my writing.

Only weeks ago, I was consuming loads of raw fat & protein with little to no carbohydrates for almost 2 years. Now, I’m consuming high amounts of protein with no fat, and HIGH carbs & starches.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with many different eating styles that promote greater qualities of life. Living & evolving for the sake of my health. This is something that I feel so beyond passionate about!

When I converted my diet to eating high fat and protein, I was in complete “Awe!”

My quality of life had sky rocketed! Over the course the first 30 days, I was able to gain control over my blood sugar (3 blood sugar crashes can turn any person into the Queen of irritability), menstrual cycles, weight control, and the list goes on. I truly felt that I had reached a point where I couldn’t feel any better, & didn’t plan on leaving the lifestyle.

Weeks ago I made a drastic change and what seemed impossible at the very thought of it. I departed from the life of high fat to high carbs & starch!

Starches, plant based protein, vegetables & fruit. No nuts, no seeds. No fat. Besides avocado. Rice, beans, oil free pita bread, & grains. These are foods that I have been avoiding purposely for years now. They all require their own steps of preparation for eating, which is well worth it.

These foods that I’ve so strongly dismissed have returned to my lifestyle. At least for now!

How do I feel? FAN-freakin-TASTIC!

Just to let you know, It wasn’t like I decided I was tired of fats and wanted to eat a bunch of sugar.

No, it wasn’t like that at all!

As I’ve mentioned before, I follow my mentor very closely. In this world of science & nutrition, the “game” often changes, and new discoveries are being acknowledged and applied. This is just the life of science works.

My mentor came along some research about the long lived ancients, and the foods they mostly consumed. He found that the majority of the ancients lived off of very specific starches. This is the point where I experienced my first initial feelings of  frustration, anger, & even disbelief. I truly was not able to wrap my head around how this made any sense, and how I would even diverge from eating loads of fat.

What about the research I’ve read regarding tribal communities fueling off of animal meat & fat?

None of it made any sense to me!

The only way I would be able to understand would be by applying.

The point of eliminating oils?

We have been so “privileged” to consume adulterated foods, rancid oils, and highly heated foods. We’ve destroyed our livers & gallbladders functionality. Many Americans are losing their gallbladders, having them surgically removed, all due to the crappy (please excuse my language) oils that are creating sludge and slime throughout the entire body. Eliminating all processed oils for at least a series of months allows the gallbladder to have a true rest to restore, rejuvenate, & re-restablish bile metabolism for the digestion of fats!

I was extremely hesitant to begin this program, & was nowhere near wanting to welcome back several blood sugar crashes a day, break away from fat burning,or create a dependency on food again. But, I’m always up for a new health challenge! Bring it baby. Trust.

Days one and two were like a giant feast! Food, food, & food. Since I had eliminated fat completely, my hunger levels definitely kicked up, and foods did not have a high satiety level. Did I gain any weight? Nope! I freakin lost weight! Yes.

The greatest part of this has been watching my clients melt the fat away for themselves!

Growing up, I’d been conditioned to resist hunger by drinking water, and to snack periodically throughout the day as a way to support a fast metabolism.

Within the first week, my hunger increased, I maintained my workout routine, ate, lost weight, & noticed something that I didn’t realize was lost…

Happiness! I was truly clueless to a heavy cloud of unhappiness that was sitting on me.

The 6th day of no oils or fats was my day of clarity. The amount of energy I experienced is almost indescribable.

I COULDN’T stop moving!

Running, bike riding, eating, more running, and more bike riding. Literally from 7am 11:30p. I have never experienced this in my life.

I’ve achieved almost a full month of eating no fats (besides avocado), and every day continues to grow with more energy, happiness, clarity, focus, & inspiration to continue this journey to outstanding health.

An important point to note: Eating no fats for eternity is not the point here! It’s simply a longterm vacation that you’ll return home to before you know it! 

We’ve grown up on poor quality & rancid oils, completely lodging the gallbladder with sludge.

Eating raw fats makes the world of difference for anyone who makes the choice to drink raw milk & cream, or eat raw butter (like I recently did!).

However, I am learning that in order to truly breakdown & utilize these fats properly, we MUST continue to restore the gallbladder so that it doesn’t give up on its purpose: supporting your body’s digestion in order to support the entire body!

Until the next no fat no oil update!


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