Sunrise Pita Pizza!

I have been seriously enjoying pita bread back in my life! Why am I consuming bread of all things? Well, my mentors have found that when pairing grains with oils, the oil interferes with the fantastic quality of nutrition the grain has to offer. Mind boggling, I know! So, eliminate any and all oils when consuming any… Continue reading Sunrise Pita Pizza!

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7 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Day, Week, Month, Year, & LIFE

Do you consider yourself healthy? Most people are nutritionally deprived from minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, & even chronically dehydrated. Most are functioning in a state of excessive stress, exhausting their nutritional reserves, not sleeping, not recovering, or rejuvenating. Many have no idea that there are simple ways to rejuvenate the body & feel abundant with… Continue reading 7 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Day, Week, Month, Year, & LIFE

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High Fat To No Fat…

These past few weeks have been so completely mind boggling, that I've had no idea where to continue my writing. Only weeks ago, I was consuming loads of raw fat & protein with little to no carbohydrates for almost 2 years. Now, I'm consuming high amounts of protein with no fat, and HIGH carbs &… Continue reading High Fat To No Fat…