Good Ol’ Home Cookin! How Is Cooked Food Affecting You?

We all LOVE eating hot steamy meals that have been prepared with love!

We use food to fuel our bodies, but also use it as a way to connect with friends, family, or whoever! Food is simply a part of our social culture, no matter where we are in the world.

Food has had its own evolutionary process throughout our lifetime as humans on this planet. We’ve fueled our bodies by eating food in its most pure state directly from nature, to cooking food over fire, and adulterating it with chemicals for preservation, which is where we currently stand today!

We already know that consuming foods that are saturated with preservatives disrupt the body’s communication process, creating a toxic body. Have you ever wondered how eating cooked foods effects your body? With so much information advocating eating raw, WHY?

As much as we love deliciously hot food, there’s a huge downfall to eating these warm comfort foods!

I’m going to share a story with you. You’re the main character!

You’re 16 years old, and you’ve grown up with home cooked meals for all of your young life.

Mom’s in the kitchen preparing dinner, as usual. She’s done her weekly shopping trip to pick up all of the essential ingredients and foods she’ll need for the week to make sure her family is eating well with home cooked dinners.

You’re at home, waiting for mom to yell, “Come to the table, dinner’s ready!”

The oven has just beeped after baking at 350 degrees for a few hours, and steaming pans are making their way off the stove, soon to your plate.

The nutrition is flowing through the air, swiftly gliding through your nostrils, making your mouth water (this is the first stage of digestion, and also a mirrored image of the theory of Pavlov’s Dog!).

Your plate is prepared, and you’re ready to take your first bite!

Your first bite is nothing but sensational, you’ve reached a state of bliss!

The food you’ve just chewed rolls down your esophagus into your stomach, which is like a boiling pot of acid (Hydrochloric Acid, HCL), waiting to disinfect any particles from your food that might be considered a foreign invader to the body.

This pool of  stomach HCL has disinfected your food properly, preventing any food from rotting in your gut. You live abundantly in optimal health!

This would be the healthy body’s response to consuming food.

However, in your situation, you’ve been eating cooked foods for all of your young life, which has already quickly degraded the amount of HCL your body is able to make on its own.

Eating highly cooked foods has compromised your stomach acid production, has broken down the building blocks to your cells, & has transformed your acidic stomach into a cooler environment. You’ve lost your body’s ability to protect itself by disinfecting food, promoting food to rot after you’ve eaten it!

The story has now taken a sharp turn!

The home cooked meal you’ve so happily eaten has just alerted your body’s defense army (Leukocytes, White Blood Cells) throughout the entire body yelling “Foreign invader, time to inflame!” You’re now experiencing internal inflammatory responses from the meal you’ve just consumed. Your white cell (The body’s immune defense army) count has sky rocketed!

Your uninfected meal is slowly moving its way into the small intestine for nutritional absorption, transitioning into the colon (large intestine). During its time in the large intestine, the clock is ticking.

Your meal that you consumed was not properly disinfected by adequate HCL production.

Your food is officially rotting in your gut, and its been sitting in the body for more than 24 hours!

This rotten food is hosting a party, welcoming all bacteria, mucus, and parasites!

Let the symptoms begin!

Days, months, and years have gone by, your 30 years old, and you’re eating habits have not changed. You still consume meals that have been highly heated on a regular basis.

Your digestion has slowed greatly, but you barely notice because it’s become the norm in your life.

Now, you have accumulated years of rotting food in your gut! This rotting waste is surrounded by a sticky trapping environment we like to call, mucus.

You’ve experienced allergies, sneezing, nasal congestion, headaches, chronic coughing, irritable moods, irregular bowel movements, chronic inflammation, constipation, & the list continues!

Welcome to America!

 The point of this short story?

Eating cooked foods greatly declines your state of health by breaking down the essential building blocks to the cell structure.

The more cooked foods we eat, the faster & greater amount of rotting food in the gut. This directly leads to infection in the body, later leading to acute (immediate) or chronic symptoms!

The immune system is directly located in the gut! It’s called the mircobiome!

I’ll elaborate in a later post 🙂

If you’ve seen food rotting in your fridge, you’re not going to want to eat, right? I hope not…

We know that if you eat anything that’s rotten, you’ll get sick. The same thing occurs on the inside of the body! If you’re food begins to rot inside the body, you will get sick, eventually.

I’m sorry to be blunt. But I’m here to share the truth.

By modifying your lifestyle and incorporating more raw foods, less cellular breakdown occurs in the body (aka- less destruction inside the body!).

Disturbances to the environment of the gut are not as greatly impacted from foods that are in their whole raw source, with little to no destroyed enzymes, protein, cross-linked sugars or fats.

Slow down the aging process and raging body infections by eating more whole, organic, fermented, raw foods!

Cheers to living optimally!


5 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Home Cookin! How Is Cooked Food Affecting You?”

  1. Beautifully written! I love your bluntness too 🙂 From everything I have ever read up on the subject of raw food consumption, you are exactly correct and I am happy you have chosen to share this information with others. Cheers to raw food!!

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