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Raw Ancient Flour!

Okay, I can’t even begin to express my excitement over this recent food experiment!

Almost 2 months ago, my mentors discovered this fabulous ancient grain called Farro. There are various types of farro to purchase, so its very important that you are choosing the farro that is Triticum Diccocum.

What makes this farro so special? Its an ancient grain that is grown wildly in Italy. The ultimate benefit from eating wild farro is that its abundantly rich in protein (8g of protein per 2.2oz servings)!

Another beautiful benefit of consuming this ancient grain is due to its wild nature, the head of the grain disperses naturally throughout the ground, allowing opportunity for another harvest. Domesticated wheat does not have this natural occurrence. All of these amazing nutritional facts about farro have been fueling and supporting my newfound pasta love!

My boyfriend and I were driving in the car last Sunday when all of a sudden it hit me.

Farro tortillas. Yes please!

What were the essentials I needed? Flour. Majority of flour that is available for purchase is definitely not raw, which really defeats the purpose of how I prefer to prepare my foods. So, this ultimately led to my desire to make my own flour! I ran over to Whole Foods to see if they carried farro in the grain form instead of pasta. Thankfully, they did! If you’d like to prepare this awesome raw farro flour, here you go!

Raw Farro Flour

Total Prep Time: 2 minutes max

Soaking Time: 1hr- 24 hrs

Dehydrating time: 8hrs-24hrs


2 cups of organic Farro grain (must be from Italy).


  1. Soak farro in a glass bowl for a minimum of one hour – 24hrs. Use purified, spring, or distilled water.
  2. Once done soaking, rinse thoroughly. Remember, the point of soaking is to eliminate any phytates, mycotoxins, or any other contaminants within the food. If you don’t rinse the grain, then you’ll just be allowing the toxins to stick to it. No bueno.
  3. Place all of your rinsed farro on your dehydrator tray. Set your drhydrator to 115 degrees.
    • If you do not have a flat dehydrator tray, you can use wax paper.
      • If you do not have a dehydrator, you can use your oven. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, then turn it off. When you turn the oven off, place the farro inside on a glass dish. Make sure all farro is lying flat, all at one level. The heat should hold within the oven for the course of time to allow proper dehydration. 
    • Its important to make sure your farro is completely dehydrated. It should look and feel as when you originally bought it un-soaked.
  4. When your farro is completely dehydrated, toss all of the grains into your blender.
    • Begin blending farro at your blender’s lowest speed. This helps to begin breaking up the grain. From its lowest speed setting, gradually build up to your highest setting.
    • The best way to determine when your ready to increase the speed is when your farro begins rotating in the blender like one big giant wave. 
      • Once you reach the highest speed, continue to pulvarize at that speed for 2-3 minutes. This will help to ensure your farro is becoming fine in texture.
  5. Pour your raw farro flour into a glass jar for the best preservation.Thats it! So simple!
Raw homemade farro flour!
Raw homemade farro flour!

Keep your eyes bright for my recipe on raw farro tortillas & raw farro DONUTS! 


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