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Granola, Rawnola, gRAWnola!

Love having oats back in my diet! Had to get this childhood favorite back into my life!

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Soaking Time: 1h – 12hrs

Dehydrating time: 8-12 hours 


  1.  2 Cups organic whole oats
  2. 1 Cup favorite dried fruit
  3. ½- 1 Tsp air dried sea salt
  4. 1- 1 ½ Tsp Vietnamese cinnamon
  5. 1-2 Tbsp raw unheated honey

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Good Ol’ Home Cookin! How Is Cooked Food Affecting You?

We all LOVE eating hot steamy meals that have been prepared with love!

We use food to fuel our bodies, but also use it as a way to connect with friends, family, or whoever! Food is simply a part of our social culture, no matter where we are in the world.

Food has had its own evolutionary process throughout our lifetime as humans on this planet. We’ve fueled our bodies by eating food in its most pure state directly from nature, to cooking food over fire, and adulterating it with chemicals for preservation, which is where we currently stand today!

We already know that consuming foods that are saturated with preservatives disrupt the body’s communication process, creating a toxic body. Have you ever wondered how eating cooked foods effects your body? With so much information advocating eating raw, WHY?

As much as we love deliciously hot food, there’s a huge downfall to eating these warm comfort foods!

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Raw Ancient Flour!

Okay, I can’t even begin to express my excitement over this recent food experiment!

Almost 2 months ago, my mentors discovered this fabulous ancient grain called Farro. There are various types of farro to purchase, so its very important that you are choosing the farro that is Triticum Diccocum.

What makes this farro so special? Its an ancient grain that is grown wildly in Italy. The ultimate benefit from eating wild farro is that its abundantly rich in protein (8g of protein per 2.2oz servings)! Continue reading “Raw Ancient Flour!”