Rev Up Your Immune System & Kill Dem Buggas, Naturally!

I’ve been experimenting a lot over the past 2 years with eating raw, fermenting & dehydrating my foods. Many of my “experiments have turned out fantastic with my two lovely taste testers (my boyfriend and awesome girlfriend) by my side, my co-workers, and even along with my awesome clients at work! I have been so lucky to have a fantastic “tasting team!”

As I’ve been on the experimental and creative path of real food creation,  I’ve become much more aware of how to really enhance the resonance and power of food, and its effects on the body. With all that I have learned, I give 100% credit to my mentors.

Thankfully enough, I have learned these life changing tools early enough in my life to apply them, see their effects, and share them with all of you!

Everyone has the ability to improve their quality of life and health by incorporating little tips here and there.

For the people who love to dehydrate & ferment their food, I love you! And thank you for your dedication to your health!

If you’re not quite there yet, thats okay! Everyone has a different starting point!

If you are already dedicated to fermenting your food or dehydrating snacks, lets take it to the next level.

The point of food is to nutrify the body, right? Yes.

What I have seen through my work with my partner and my mentors is that the majority of the population is walking around with chronic and hibernating infection in their bodies. These infections lay anywhere and everywhere in the body. In reality, wherever the body experiences low frequency (low energy flow), the more potential for infection to hide in that very spot/ organ/ tissue.

So, what can YOU do about this?

Instead of eating foods just to eat, eat foods that help your body fight!

The more anti-pathogenic (bacterial/ viral fighting) foods you can consume, the greater the defense your body has to these nasty buggas!

You may be thinking this is going to be a difficult process to turn your foods into antipathogenic foods. I promise you, its not!

By simply adding a pinch of these herbs and botanicals to your food, you have the ability to upgrade the bioenergetics of the food your about to consume (Bioenergetics will be another lengthy post that is SO worth the read)! This means that the amount of energy that the food holds is so high, the body responds to metabolizing it much faster, and uses it maximally!

As of right now, Turmeric is my favorite anti-pathogenic to use at the moment! An important factor of using turmeric truly depends on the quality that your using. In reality, this applies to everything. However, 90% of the turmeric on the market has been oxidized (exposed to oxygen), irradiated (exposed to radiation), or may even contain moisture. So, if you’re going to use it, it must be pristine. Check out my fermented rice recipe using turmeric! You can keep it even simpler by sprinkling it over your salad!

Another one of my absolute favorites is organic Vietnamese Cinnamon!

This beauty is a perfect partner when using fruits. If you’re really big on smoothies, a few dashes of Vietnamese Cinnamon is a perfect addition to upgrade its quality while enhancing its pathogenic fighting abilities! Vietnamese cinnamon is a fantastic botanical support for both men and women as it helps to support healthy blood sugar! We know that blood sugar balance in this country is a HUGE epidemic. Specifically for women, it has been shown to alleviate menstrual cramping. I can definitely vouch for this!

Another superb antipathogenic is Oregano!

Ground oregano can easily be added into foods that you prepare, but a very important factor is not exposing it to heat! This powerful herb has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and has clinically been shown to fight bacteria like no other! Its antiviral qualities are outstanding as well! If you’re looking for a great company with ground oregano leaf, check out Frontier!

Agrimony herb is used in almost all of my fermented vegetables since its a fantastic anti-pathogenic. This herb has been used heavily throughout history dating back to the ancient Egyptians, & was also used in England as a way to prevent fresh bread from molding! This unique herb has the ability to prevent the growth of bad bacteria. It’s been shown to be a tonic for purifying the blood and a powerful anti-inflammatory. Agrimony can be added to your jar of fermenting vegetables, or simply drank as a tea! Another fantastic way to begin the morning!

These herbs and botanicals can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle. Wether they’re sprinkled over your food, added into your smoothie, a part of your fermented experiments, or drank as a tea, you can start heightening your immune system today!

Mother Earth has much to offer towards nutritionally supporting our body, these are just a few of my favorites I’ve been so privileged to learn of and apply by my mentors’ guidance.

Keep your eyes bright for more tips on living among HealthyHumanz!


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