Rev Up Your Immune System & Kill Dem Buggas, Naturally!

I’ve been experimenting a lot over the past 2 years with eating raw, fermenting & dehydrating my foods. Many of my “experiments have turned out fantastic with my two lovely taste testers (my boyfriend and awesome girlfriend) by my side, my co-workers, and even along with my awesome clients at work! I have been so lucky to have a fantastic “tasting team!”

As I’ve been on the experimental and creative path of real food creation,  I’ve become much more aware of how to really enhance the resonance and power of food, and its effects on the body. With all that I have learned, I give 100% credit to my mentors. Continue reading “Rev Up Your Immune System & Kill Dem Buggas, Naturally!”

Fermented Foods

Welcome Mac n’ Cheese Back Into Your Life

This is a “To Live For” recipe that has been worked on for over a year by my mentors! I’ve been raving about it to all of my clients. I haven’t come across one person yet that does not LOVE it!

Of course, there’s not a moment that goes by where I do not make what my mentors create.

So, I present to you the greatest way to eat rice! Fermented.

Eating rice in its fermented form with the addition of fresh ground, un-oxidized turmeric enhances the bio-availability (the amount of nutrition your body can absorb) of the rice, while ushering in probiotics (good bacteria) to support gut health!

Continue reading “Welcome Mac n’ Cheese Back Into Your Life”