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Kickin’ It Keto!

With the various diets I have attempted throughout my life (unfortunately, I started dieting at a young age), I was never able to find a single diet that provided me with lifelong skills needed to properly fuel my body while meeting weight-loss & high energy functioning goals.

In today’s world, there’s always different styles of diets trending. Vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, raw, paleo, no carb, the list goes on and on!

I’m here to share with you the BEST lifestyle program I have experienced the most success with! The best part of this program is that not only have I seen myself greatly succeed, but I have also seen my clientele in my workplace succeed beyond measure!

What is this magical diet I speak of?!

This “diet” was referred to as the Hypoketogenic Diet by Dr. Marshall. He now refers to this as the “Biofield Diet.” I don’t like to refer to this as a diet, where in reality this is more of a lifestyle change. This program has greatly evolved over the past 30 years in a clinical setting with Dr. Marshall, achieving great success along its course.

The program is high in quality raw fat, protein, fermented foods, & very low to moderate intake of carbohydrates.

You may be thinking to yourself, “But my doctor told me that I need to be on a low fat diet, and that we need carbohydrates as our fuel!”


Our bodies prefer to fuel themselves off of fat and protein!

Let me share some basic fundamentals with you.

Our cellular structure is made of fat and protein.

Protein is composed of individual parts called amino acids.

These amino acids make up our skin, hair, nails, digestive enzymes, hormones, and basically the complete physical structure of our entire physical being!

So yes, I’m pretty sure quality protein is essential for our bodies.

What about the fat?

Fat is everywhere in every part of our cellular makeup!

What is the outer layer of our cells made up of? Fat. What does it do?

We have what are called receptor sites on the outside of every cell. These receptor sites act as a lock and key. This is a very popular metaphor to understand how hormones and receptor sites function.

Think about it for a moment, we all have keys. These keys open specific doors, cars, bike locks, etc. The keys have a specific etching to one paired key hole.

If we do not have adequate cellular structure & composition of fat and protein, then our hormones (key) cannot bind (fit) into its receptor site (key hole)!


We have all heard people say “Oh, I can’t have that… I’m on a low-fat diet.”

Unfortunately, these low fat diets have served as a form of conditioning to our society. In reality, we base our American diet off of an inadequate research scientist, who I will remain nameless in this blog post (plan on reading it in another!).

We need fat, with protein! It’s our body’s priority source of fuel! A high fat diet does not mean you’ll get fat!

Its a polar opposite way of thinking, I know.

What’s so great about fats?

Quality fats provide us with Omega-3 (n-3) and Omega-6 (n-6) fatty acids. And what the heck do they do?

N-3 fats provide anti-inflammatory effects! N-6 provide inflammatory effects.

You might ask yourself, “Why in the heck do I want to consume Omega-6 fatty acids if it creates inflammation??”

N-6 fatty acids are crucial when someone has an acute (immediate) injury, allergic response, etc. N-6 does not serve for chronic (long-term) inflammatory purposes people! They are fabulous acute, immediate, responses.

I’ve gone on about proteins and fat.

“Now what about the carbohydrates I’m used to eating ALL THE TIME, “you may be asking?

The body only needs minimal amount of carbohydrates (glucose) to support brain function.

Carbohydrates are composed of Monosaccharide’s (glucose, fructose), disaccharides (two monosaccharide’s), and poly saccharides (multiples of mono or disaccharides). In simple terms, they are all different components of sugar.

When these carbohydrates are consumed, they make their way into the blood stream through the intestinal wall.

That means, if you’re eating a high carb diet, you constantly have sugar going into the bloodstream!

“WAIT, so does that mean I have high blood sugar? Almost all the time?”
Most likely.
“Isn’t high blood sugar linked to Type 1 (no- insulin producing) & Type 2 (NON-responsive to insulin) diabetes???”
Yes… This is a “bad news bears” moment.

So let’s flash back to your high carbohydrate diet that most of you have been on for your entire life…

Do you have a history of irritability, inconsistent sleep cycles, hormonal issues, blood sugar crashes, constant cravings for sweets (don’t deny it), high reaction to stress, or any other odd type of behavior?

High carb diet →  hormonal dysregulation (body can’t communicate)


improper body communication & function

So let me make a very HIGH recommendation to you!

Start eating a high fat & high protein diet! Save the minimal carbs until AFTER 3pm, or for dinner!

“Whyyyy,” you might be asking?

Your body prefers to fuel off of fat & protein! I’ll continue repeating this, so don’t mind me.

You can teach your body to burn fat as its primary fuel instead of glucose (carbohydrate rich foods). This is our innate body function. The great ancients fueled their bodies this way!

After 3p, your liver is ready to start saving glucose as glycogen. Glycogen is a storage form of energy from carbohydrates, which is used as a reserve fuel. When the body no longer has a source of glucose to burn, glycogen is used, followed by fat.

What results can you expect to see in yourself by adopting this eating lifestyle?

Dramatic body fat reduction, decreased body inflammation, greater blood sugar balance (happy moods), decreased hunger (because now you fuel off of fat), better sleep, improvement in hormone related cycles, more energy, clear thinking (no brain fog), and so much more!

Basic Daily Breakdown:

Breakfast– MAXIMUM insulin resistance!

Low glycemic fruits (berries are a great option!) are a perfect breakfast option.

Consuming no food for the first 5 hours you’re awake will train your body to use your glycogen reserve & body fat as its primary fuel source.

When the body is resistant to insulin, the pancreas over produces insulin until it is no longer able to produce enough insulin for the body’s demands. At this point, the blood sugar rises. This is where we reach extremely high risk for

Lunch (5 hours after waking)– High fat (raw fats preferred), high protein , vegetables (raw or fermented).

Snack (3p-4p)– Time for carbs! (High glycemic fruits after 3p are okay during this time)

Ex: Banana, Orange, Apple, Fresh Juice (not from a box of concentrate, people!)

Dinner (5:30p-7p)– Let’s have some carb, protein, & raw fat!

This program /lifestyle truly works towards shedding the extra layers of cushion and even beyond that! If you have any challenges with your hormone regulation (most people do, they just don’t know it), you can take the first step by changing your eating style! Remember, the body loves to fuel off of fat and protein!

Your body is made of it!

If you are the “workout-type” like myself, the ideal time to workout on this lifestyle program is in the morning.

Why? Well, because now your body is in a fasted state, fueling off of fat. Which means, that when you’re working out, you’re burning more FAT!

If your wanting to shed some excess weight, or want to have a greater handle on your blood sugar or hormone regulation, I challenge you to 30 days! If you definitely want to seal the deal, throw in a workout routine!

For those of you that are up for the challenge, please send me your feedback or questions!


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