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Love Story with Fermented Foods!

When my health journey began, I had never even heard of fermented foods. I had no idea that eating foods with bacteria were even close to being beneficial for a human beings health.  Not even the slightest clue that pickles or sauerkraut were considered fermented!

My first meeting with these fantastic foods awoke me from an entire lifetime of “hibernation,” & took my health journey to an entire new depth! The moment my pallet tasted its first fermented food, I was instantly hooked.

The initial moment I welcomed fermented foods into my life, I began to notice an interesting sensation in my leg! Yes. I just said my leg.

Since I was about 10 years old, the outside of my right thigh had always felt numb to direct pressure. I’ve never really been able to feel much sensation on the surface or deep layers of my leg. Continue reading “Love Story with Fermented Foods!”